The South Afreakins

Nov 25 2019

Helene and Gordon are stuck. Stuck in their same armchairs, on their same farm and in the same rut. One longs to get out and experience everything the world and retirement has to offer, while the other won’t leave his milk tart. When they finally leave everything they’ve ever known and immigrate to New Zealand, the result is hilarious and heartbreaking as they discover it’s hard work to find “home”. Sure, the grass is always greener, but home is always home. The South Afreakins is about displacement, immigration and finding that home cannot only exist within places, but within people. 

The South Afreakins is a dark comedy performed solely by Robyn Paterson. It is a show about love, loss and companionship, with a dash of political commentary sprinkled in for good measure. Billed as a dark-comedy, the strength of this piece lies in its drama with the few comedic moments perfectly placed to support this.

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