Jan Wright

A founding trustee of Creative Mercury Bay, Jan is passionate about the arts generally and music specifically, and the critical role that participation in the arts plays in creating wellbeing of people and communities.  It is this certainty of the essential nature of creativity in life that drives Jan’s volunteer involvement in several arts organisations in the District, including Creative Mercury Bay. 


Jan graduated from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in 2012 with a MA Arts Management degree, and her own arts practice is largely singing with a local community choir. 

Linda Stratford

Linda has been around performance art all her life being involved in the Wellington Competition Society as a young person, and participating in many plays and musicals throughout her life. Now that she has retired from performing for audiences she continues to be involved through Creative Mercury Bay's efforts to bring the performing arts to Mercury Bay. 

Ernie Pitchfork

Ernie is new to being involved in the arts although he has been able to gain a greater understanding through his involvement with Creative Mercury Bay over the past five years. Ernie has been an advisor on all things legal over the years, and while he doesn't fancy being an actor or singer, at times he loves to entertain with his stand-up comedy.




Caren Squire

Caren’s arts background is in classical music, in particular playing orchestral violin, but also other instruments. She has an eclectic taste in music and the arts in general. Professionally speaking, her background is in accounting and administration, and so her experience lends itself nicely to being Treasurer for Creative Mercury Bay

Emma Mudgway

Emma Mudgway is a visual artist and arts advocate, based in Cooks Beach. She works for THINK Coromandel Gig Guide, a small team of local creatives focused on supporting artists and audiences to engage with the arts, through hosting and promoting events and a free monthly fold out publication.


Emma also facilitates creative projects within her community, including working with young people with learning disabilities, and occasionally finds time to make a drawing or two!

Kerryn Wakelin

Kerryn is a freelance project coordinator and administrator. She has worked for Ticketek in events in the past and was most recently involved in helping to organise the Tuia 250 celebrations in Mercury Bay. Although she participated in youth theatre in Pukekohe many years ago, her involvement in the arts is now fulfilled through her organisational skill set and administration expertise.