Art & Faith Retreat

Mount Paku, Tairua

14 Aug 2020

Our Art Retreat is a two day retreat hosted in Tairua, Coromandel where women can enjoy beautiful hospitality, creativity and share in community. The retreat starts at 5pm Friday until Sunday 2pm. The retreat includes two nights of accommodation in a stunning home on Mount Paku, Tairua. Dazzling sea views and delicious food are included. Art making is led by Auckland based artist Erin O’Malley. This will take place in a community hall in Hikuai, 20 minutes south of Tairua. Beautiful meals will be provided onsite except for one meal which will be at a favourite local restaurant, Flock (the restaurant meal cost is not included). This Retreat does have a Faith component with some optional ministry time each morning (the May Retreat does not have a faith component except for karakia prior to meals).

Contact info:

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