Bubble Bites Series - Episode 1


23rd April 2020, 5:30pm

Creative Mercury Bay presents our first episode of:




In this weeks episode we feature the below artists:



Lance and Ava are part of Crimson Coast, a band of experienced musicians from the Coromandel who play their own original Kiwi music. The band’s name is a direct reflection of the Pohutukawa coastlines that surround our beautiful coastlines.

They’re a group of friends who love performing melodic music and singing harmonies together. Their music ranges from Country Rock, Pop, Reggae, and Blues, a wide range that keeps them growing as musicians and is fun for audiences. The ‘Crimson Coast 101’ album was described by Dylan Pellet, General Manager Independent Music NZ, as a real “Summertime Record.” 

In January 2020, Crimson Coast were the Kiwi support act for Greenstone Entertainment’s ‘Summer Concert Series’ in Whitianga; opening for Billy Idol, George Thorogood, Anastacia, CCR, and Smash Mouth. 

Lance and Ava will be doing an 'unplugged' performance of three Crimson Coast songs, Candlestick Park, Stand In Line and If It Was All Left To Me.


Check out their Facebook page for some examples of their work.



Howard is 70 years old and retired recently after teaching Wintec horticulture here in Whitianga, and a career of farming orchards and landscaping. He has read his poems at many local venues and events over the last few years. His material is largely his observations and commentary on current Coromandel life.

Howard will be reciting an original poem called Te Puia Hotwater Beach about life in lockdown for a 70-year-old.



Alan is a founding member of the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, which started in 1966 and still plays together occasionally. He has been singing over the years with his wife Julia informally, and more recently as a trio with Pippa Le Lievre at open mic nights around Mercury Bay.

They will be performing Home Sweet Home an original song by Alan Rhodes.





Let’s Go Descarrego! is a pairing of two well-known musicians, Stewart Pedley and Leo Magri. Their vibrant music draws influence from the long traditions of folk storytelling, Rhythm & Blues, Brazilian percussion, and the New Orleans sound. In the energetic merging of voices, percussion and guitar, Let’s Go Descarrego! tell tales of intriguing incidents, crafty characters, and loves long lost, while feet tap and folks find themselves looking for the dancefloor.


They will be performing an exclusive new release of their lockdown single Ship Out At Sea.


‘Ship Out At Sea’ was written a couple of weeks before we, in New Zealand, went into our Level 4 bubbles, when something called the Corona Virus was happening somewhere else, and we hadn’t yet grasped the implications of how it could affect us here. The song followed from a punk-rock-garage-band jam, and it seemed to say something about the way humans can behave when isolated, cut off from help, and stuck in an uncertain, perilous situation. 


Thankfully NZ took fast precautionary action against COVID-19 and it’s devastating spread. We had firm leadership and decision, and there was an immediate national sense of unity, focus, and determination to ‘batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.'


‘Ship Out At Sea’ explores what a potentially disastrous situation could look like from the other end of the spectrum: What if there was no clear decision or no captain to call the shots? What if no one could agree on the right action to take? What if there was so much uncertainty and confusion that people became filled with fear or paralised by panic? What if things got ugly and chaos and fighting broke out? Or if people lost their compassion and seeked only to save themselves? If others hoped for the hand of God to come down and save them? How we act in a moment is influenced by how we perceive the situation. Some of these things are currently happening in other countries. NZ saw the danger of the virus and acted with decisiveness to minimise the damage. Beyond just the virus, on a ship out at sea - a metaphor for society? Our country? Our planet? - how do we see our broader situation? And how does that response affect our subsequent actions? - Stewart Pedley & Leo Magri


Check out their Facebook page for more content.


Bubble Bites is by locals, for locals, offering ‘bites’ of local talent free to you in your bubble.


Every week at 5:30pm, we’ll release a new episode on our YouTube Channel, a 30min show featuring performances by 3 local artists.

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