Bubble Bites Series - Episode 9


18th July 2020, 5:30pm

Creative Mercury Bay presents our ninth episode of:




In this weeks episode we feature the below artists:


Andy Santos - Jazz Musician

Andy’s first attempt to learn guitar at age 15 was unsuccessful. He was a drummer in a Jazz band at the time. However, 5 years later, he was in a position to learn guitar more comprehensively, and discovered that he could learn and play by ear. During the 70's and 80's, Andy was in and out of various bands. His musical influences were initially Jazz, Folk and Easy Rock, and later Blues and Rock, preferring to compose instrumentals rather than songs with lyrics.

Andy is originally from the United States and met his wife Shirley (a Kiwi) in 1995 while working at the same company. They married in 1997, and moved to New Zealand the following year. Shirley’s mother was living in Whitianga, so that’s where they decided to settle down. 


After 2 weeks, Andy got a job at a mechanic (he’s a self-taught mechanic), and after a year, was hired at Beta Electrical. From there he moved to 100% Whitianga and then did contract work for Sky TV for a time. 


Andy will be performing two original jazz instrumental pieces.


Wild Bones Open Floor Dance (Jacqui Chan & Lisa Corston)

Jacqui & Lisa hold weekly Open Floor Dance classes in Coromandel.


In Open Floor there are no moves to learn: we come to explore our own unique dance. This form of dance is at once fun, creative and therapeutic. As teachers we create soundscapes to inspire movement that ranges from quiet and meditative to wild and sweaty. In the dance we include our moment to moment experience (physical sensations, mind states and feelings) and this becomes inspiration for creative expression. The aim is to become embodied, emotionally intelligent, resilient and flexible in our response to life on and off the dance floor.


Our dance community is supportive and inclusive. Men and women ranging from 20 to 80 years old attend our classes. The class is also suitable for people with injuries or disabilities.


Jacqui and Lisa both are passionate teachers who have trained and qualified with Open Floor International. They both have a background in conscious dance, movement and the visual arts.


See www.wildbones.co.nz for full details about classes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Helen Oliver ft Sarah Morcom - Poet

Helen Oliver is an ESL teacher, materials writer and editor. Working part-time now allows more time for tai chi, music, books and poetry, family and friends. She loves the sea, kayaking and wandering the beaches of New Zealand. Writing is becoming a passion.


Helen will be performing her original poems Sanctity Despoiled, Nuclear Ponderings - Forgotten Victims.


Sarah Morcom is classically trained in piano by her grandmother and has been singing most of her life. She will be performing one of Helen’s poems which she has put to music Prayer for Aotearoa. 


Bubble Bites is by locals, for locals, offering ‘bites’ of local talent free to you in your bubble.


Every week at 5:30pm, we’ll release a new episode on our YouTube Channel, a 30min show featuring performances by 3 local artists.

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Bubble Bites Series

Bubble Bites - a series of short performance by artists from The Coromandel